Jan 2004 - Dec 2007
Production industry is facing increased challenges in delivering highest quality in short
time at competitive prices. As the dimensions or crucial features of products and parts
become smaller reaching down to the micrometer range, the effort and connected costs to
characterise and evaluate the product's properties accordingly are increasing dramatically.
Especially for the characterisation/inspection of complex geometries or critical features
located inside the materials, non destructive imaging technologies are of great advantage.
Unfortunately, conventional available non destructive imaging and evaluation methods
are either very costly and/or rather slow (e.g X-ray computer tomography) or they do not
fulfil the requirements (like standard ultrasonics) for advanced applications e.g. for high
resolution inspection of microparts.
This project aims to solve these problems by developing a novel, fast, compact, userfriendly,
cost effective (affordable by SMEs) tomographic characterisation tool for
industrial applications, based on optical coherence tomography (OCT). The OCT method
has been originally developed for medical diagnostics and is intensively pursued for
medical purposes, but not for industrial applications with the effect that there are
currently no industrial OCT-scanners commercially available.
In this project, a competent all European consortium, with 10 partners from 5 European
countries, covering the set requirements for the development and application of OCT
could be established. The consortium includes SMEs as technology providers, supported
by the RTD performers, and SMEs as technology users who will directly test and
evaluate the novel method to shorten process development times and to control their
products in the production process. An additionally established industry supporter group,
and the technology user SMEs in the project are already defining a future market for a
fast and effective exploitation of the project's results

Research program

EU Framework Programme 6

Das Projekt wurde im Rahmen des 6. Rahmenprogramms durch die Europäische Union gefördert.

D. Stifter, E. Schlotthauer, K. Wiesauer, J. Kastner, M. Wurm - Investigation of polymer and polymer/fibre composite materials with optical coherence tomography - MEASUREMENT SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY, Vol. 19, No. 74011, 2008, pp. 1-8 more