Bioinformatics Resource Facility Hagenberg

  • Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Hannes Brandstätter-Müller
  • Andreas Hölzlwimmer MSc
  • DI (FH) Peter Kulczycki
  • Bahram Parsapour MSc
  • Andreas Schönegger
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H. Brandstaetter-Mueller, A. Hoelzlwimmer, B. Parsapour, G. Lirk, P. Kulczycki - An Application Framework for the Scheduling of HPC Jobs on Hybrid Hardware Platforms for Solving Bioinformatical Problems - 55th GMDS Congress, Mannheim, Germany, 2010, pp. 354-355 more
P. Kulczycki, H. Brandstaetter-Mueller, G. Lirk - Bioinformatics Resource Facility Hagenberg—Building High Performance Computing Services for Solving Bioinformatical Problems - Proceedings of 21st European Modeling and Simulation Symposium EMSS 2009, Tenerife, Spain, 2009 more