Jonas Schurr M.Sc.

A. Tschida, V. Stadlbauer, B. Schwarzinger, M. Maier, J. Pitsch, F. Stübl, U. Müller, P. Lanzerstorfer, M. Himmelsbach, J. Wruss, J. Schurr, O. Höglinger, S. M. Winkler, J. Weghuber - Nutrients, bioactive compounds, and minerals in the juices of 16 varieties of apple (Malus domestica) harvested in… mehr
R. Haselgrübler, P. Lanzerstorfer, C. Röhrl, F. Stübl, J. Schurr, B. Schwarzinger, C. Schwarzinger, M. Brameshuber, S. Wieser, S. M. Winkler, J. Weghuber - Hypolipidemic effects of herbal extracts by reduction of adipocyte differentiation, intracellular neutral lipid content, lipolysis, fatty acid… mehr