Design and Implementation of Asynchronous Remote Support

Publikation, 2020


I. Reisner-Kollmann, A. Aschauer - Design and Implementation of Asynchronous Remote Support - Proceedings of the XChange Reality! 2020, St. Pölten, Österreich, 2020, pp. 9-11


We present an AR-based system that allows spatial collaboration for multiple users. The main contribution is that on-site and remote users can work together in an asynchronous way. On the one hand, mobile users can create a new project by documenting the environment on-site and saving this data for asynchronous processing. On the other hand they can access previously saved data on-site with an augmented reality view where annotations and other content are directly visualized on top of the real world. Desktop users can access the data remotely and have more sophisticated ways for editing. Both, mobile and desktop users can revisit, view and edit a collaboration project anytime. We show how the system can be setup with standard hardware and software modules and share details about the implementation.