Unravelling ‘disruptive’ effects from infrastructure's changing role(s) in automated mobility

Publikation, 2019


M. Neubauer, W. Schildorfer, W. Aigner - Unravelling ‘disruptive’ effects from infrastructure's changing role(s) in automated mobility - Proceedings: XXX ISPIM INNOVATION CONFERENCE Celebrating Innovation: 500 Years Since Da Vinci, Florence, Italien, 2019


What are relevant infrastructure concepts when it comes to the next generation mobility ecosystem in Europe? What changes to established processes of infrastructure operators or city governments for handling challenging situations are expected? New challenges stem from environmental, financial and other societal agendas as well as the, often uncorrelated initiatives from new cooperative, connected and automated mobility (CCAM)technologies. The main topic of this paper is to present innovation management challenges from not yet harmonized innovation roadmaps of infrastructure operators, vehicle manufacturers and other mobility policy-related stakeholders. We will take stock on recent initiatives and truck platooning projects’ lessons learnt to join forces between infrastructure operators and European vehicle manufacturers. CCAM will involve rather challenging differences in innovation cycles (30 years for roads vs. some months for new toys for the boys with regard to platooning functions in trucks), investment cycles and capacity building cycles. In this paper we would like to discuss the changing roles of infrastructure and all infrastructure-related decision making including cities, road operators and public administration (to name only a few) when it comes to automated mobility topics.