What is the right complexity for your supply chain?

Publikation, 2018


P. Freinberger, F. Nilsson - What is the right complexity for your supply chain? - 13th European Research Seminar (ERS CSCMP) 2018, Rotterdam, Niederlande, 2018, pp. 21


The complexity of supply chains is increasing and can have the potential to impact the performance of companies. Therefore, it is important to develop approaches that guide managers to deal with supply chain complexity (SCC). The purpose of this paper is to elaborate and discuss the concept of complexity in the context of supply chains and supply chain management in order to provide supply chain managers and researchers with increased understanding of SCC. Our preliminary findings show that the prevalent view on SCC as being something negative should be challenged. By doing so, it is important to find ways and approaches to gain benefits from the inherent SCC and use it for gaining competitive advantage.