Driver Behavior Injection in Microscopic Traffic Simulations

Publikation, 2017


M. Lindorfer, C. Backfrieder, C. Mecklenbräuker, G. Ostermayer - Driver Behavior Injection in Microscopic Traffic Simulations in Modeling, Design and Simulation of Systems (Editors: Mohamed Sultan Mohamed Ali et al.) - Springer Gabler, 2017, pp. 237-248


The individual behavior of drivers has a significant influence on the characteristics of vehicular transportation systems such as safety, capacity or traffic flow. Apparently, considering such behaviors in the scope of microscopic traffic simulations is inevitable in order to accomplish simulations close to reality. In recent years, considerable efforts have been put into modeling longitudinal and lateral movements of vehicles or their lane-change behavior, respectively. However, sometimes it is necessary to deviate from the standard behavior prescribed by these models in order to study the effects of exceptional situations in road traffic such as sudden braking maneuvers. This paper addresses this specific use case by introducing a generic behavior injection model, allowing for the integration of predefined driver behaviors into microscopic traffic simulations. Furthermore, it enables the reconstruction of real traffic scenarios by incorporating data gathered from vehicular measurement campaigns. The result is a simple, yet flexible model applicable to a wide range of microscopic traffic simulators.