Using Critical Incidents in Workshops to Inform eHealth Design

Publikation, 2017


C. Grünloh, J. D. Hallewell Haslwanter, B. Kane, E. Lee, T. Lind, J. Moll, H. Rexhepi, I. Scandurra - Using Critical Incidents in Workshops to Inform eHealth Design - Human-Computer Interaction - INTERACT 2017, Mumbai, Indien, 2017, pp. 364-373


Demands for technological solutions to address the variety of problems in healthcare have increased. The design of eHealth is challenging due to e.g. the complexity of the domain and the multitude of stakeholders involved. We describe a workshop method based on Critical Incidents that can be used to reflect on, and critically analyze, different experiences and practices in healthcare. We propose the workshop format, which was used during a conference and found very helpful by the participants to identify possible implications for eHealth design, that can be applied in future projects. This new format shows promise to evaluate eHealth designs, to learn from patients' real stories and case studies through retrospective meta-analyses, and to inform design through joint reflection of understandings about users' needs and issues for designers.