Go2PI - Practically proved steps to implement the Physical Internet

Publikation, 2016


A. Gasperlmair, H. Graf, S. Hörtenhuber, F. Ehrentraut, C. Landschützer - Go2PI - Practically proved steps to implement the Physical Internet - Proceedings of the Third Physical Internet Conference, Atlanta, Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika, 2016


The visions and concepts of recent research in "Physical Internet" (PI) try to avoid waste of resources in sustainable supply chains. Based on cross-company collaboration new principles of resource sharing shall be introduced. Therefore, higher-level coordination instances and new business standards are needed to increase the overall efficiency and to significantly reduce traffic in order to gain a substantial reduction in traffic. The research project “Go2PI” creates criteria and guidelines regarding aspects of technical infrastructure, information systems and operational processes to develop a provider neutral and open business model for distribution logistics. These guidelines are outlined and presented in this paper in three main implementation steps: Setting the vision for coopetition, standardization of logistics operations and standardization of financial clearing models. Additionally, further research objectives like business models, PI-hypersystem and the qualification process for transport service providers are described.