Proceedings Cross-Cultural Business Conference 2016

Publikation, 2016


M. Überwimmer, T. Gangl, M. Gaisch, C. Stadlmann - Proceedings Cross-Cultural Business Conference 2016 - Proceedings Cross-Cultural Business Conference 2016, Campus Steyr , Österreich, 2016, pp. 1-318


In this new age of globalization, cross-cultural and economic issues are increasingly becoming the center of attention in a variety of fields. Therefore, it is vital for both researchers and practitioners to continuously enhance and share their knowledge of their particular research areas and to embrace intercultural and economic aspects in their everyday working lives. The Cross-Cultural Management and Emerging Markets Centre at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, School of Management in Steyr performs research activities for the study programme Global Sales and Marketing, addressing such cross-cultural topics. In cooperation with the School of Informatics, Communications and Media in Hagenberg, the CrossCultural Business Conference 2016 is carried out to deal with intercultural perspectives in:  Session A: Intercultural Perspectives in Global Business, Marketing, Sales and Service Management  Session B: Intercultural Perspectives in Higher Education Research  Session C: Intercultural Perspectives in Higher Education, Teaching and Learning  Session D: Intercultural Perspectives in Human Resource Management We would like to thank all conference participants who made their valuable contributions and hope the conference will strengthen our partnership and to serve as a platform for further research cooperation.