Organizational Challenges of Customer Co-creation

Publikation, 2015


B. Bergmayr, C. Rau, K. Krämer - Organizational Challenges of Customer Co-creation - Tagungsband 9. Forschungsforum der österreichischen Fachhochschulen, Hagenberg, Österreich, 2015


Many firms are facing challenges by applying customer co-creation approaches inside their enterprises. While recent research provides extensive insights on the formal methods and theoretical concepts, there is still a gap in research concerning the difficulties involved in the organization of customer co-creation pro-jects. This piece of work attempts to close this gap by exploring the organizational challenges in customer co-creation projects analyzing twenty interviews with innovation managers and intermediaries. As a result, a framework with three distinct categories of organizational challenges, i.e. structural, procedural and communicational challenges is developed. The paper closes with recommendations for actions to meet these co-creation challenges successfully.