Automated Internet-Shopping Terminals for Self-Service Pick-Ups

Publikation, 2014


H. Graf, B. Stadlmann - Automated Internet-Shopping Terminals for Self-Service Pick-Ups - International Conference on Industrial Logistics (ICIL 2014), Bol, Kroatien, 2014, pp. 82-88


In near future effective design and user friendliness of easy to use pick-up stations will be an essential success factor for internet shopping. To reduce delivery traffic and to allow safe handover possibilities for parcel services comfortable pickup terminals become a necessary element of supply chains. An Austrian research consortium developed an innovative depot system for passenger’s luggage at railway stations and at public hot spots like shopping centers. This system represents a new cube adaptive storage technology for luggage and bags and incorporates a novel concept for effective warehousing and handling of parcels, too. The paper provides an overview about needs and expectations and describes the web-based functionalities and benefits for operators and users.