Supporting knowledge discovery in medicine

Publikation, 2014


K. Arthofer, D. Girardi - Supporting knowledge discovery in medicine in eHealth2014 – Health Informatics Meets eHealth - IOS Press Amsterdam, 2014, pp. 147-155


Our ontology-based benchmarking infrastructure for hospitals, we presented on the eHealth 2012, has meanwhile proven useful. Besides, we gathered manifold experience in supporting knowledge discovery in medicine. This also led to further functions and plans with our software. We could confirm and extent our experience by a literature review on the knowledge discovery process in medicine, visual analytics and data mining and drafted an according approach for extending our software. We validated our approach by exemplarily implementing a parallel-coordinate data visualization into our software and plan to integrate further algorithms for visual analytics and machine learning to support knowledge discovery in medicine in diverse ways. This is very promising but can also fail due to technical or organizational details.