Transformer Modeling taking into account Hysteresis Behavior

Publikation, 2012


M. Jungwirth, W. Baumgartinger, M. Kaltenbacher - Transformer Modeling taking into account Hysteresis Behavior - PROCEEDINGS OF THE 14TH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON HARBOR, MARITIME & MULTIMODAL LOGISTICS MODELLING AND SIMULATION, Wien, Österreich, 2012, pp. 4


An efficient and precise finite network model to simulate the dynamic behavior of transformer core laminations is presented. The model considers both hysteresis and eddy current losses and is based on an electric and magnetic circuit connected by a gyrator. This approach allows to easily include the classical Preisach operator to take into account hysteresis and saturation behavior. The eddy current losses are modeled with an additional inductance in the magnetic circuit. Simulation results are compared with measurements of a single phase and three phase transformers which are frequently used in power-supply systems.