An Architecture for Context Prediction

Publikation, 2004


R. Mayrhofer - An Architecture for Context Prediction in Advances in Pervasive Computing (Contributions to Book: Part/Chapter/Section 176), , 2004, pp. 65-72


Today's information appliances are usually very powerful, featuring local storage and processing power, communication technology and supporting many different applications. They are either mobile, like laptop computers, handheld devices, mobile phones or wearables, or fixed, like TV set-top boxes, home entertainment centers or even whole rooms equipped with various interacting devices; but most of them have various hardware components that can be used as sensors for querying the environment. By exploiting these sensors, it is possible to make devices context aware and thus adaptive to the current user's situation. This paper presents the basic structure of a framework which eases the implementation of context aware applications by providing the current and future, predicted context.