Defining and reconstructing clinical processes based on IHE and BPMN 2.0

Publikation, 2011


M. Strasser, F. Pfeifer, E. Helm, A. Schuler, J. Altmann - Defining and reconstructing clinical processes based on IHE and BPMN 2.0 - User Centered Networked Health Care, Oslo, Norwegen, 2011


This paper describes the current status and the results of our process management system for defining and reconstructing clinical care processes, which contributes to compare, analyze and evaluate clinical processes and further to identify high cost tasks or stays. The system is founded on IHE, which guarantees standardized interfaces and interoperability between clinical information systems. At the heart of the system there is BPMN, a modeling notation and specification language, which is well suited for representing clinical processes as workflows. The system provides functionality to define healthcare information system independent clinical core processes and to execute the processes in a workflow engine. Furthermore, the reconstruction of clinical processes is done by evaluating an IHE audit log database, which records patient movements within a health care facility. The main goal of the system is to assist hospital operators and clinical process managers to detect discrepancies between defined and actual clinical processes and as well to identify main causes of high medical costs. Beyond that, the system can potentially contribute to reconstruct and improve clinical processes and enhance cost control and patient care quality.