Organization-driven Approach for Enterprise 2.0 Projects

Publikation, 2011


A. Auinger, A. Hochmeier, D. Nedbal - Organization-driven Approach for Enterprise 2.0 Projects - Tagungsband FFH 2011 (5. Forschungsforum der österreichischen Fachhochschulen), Wien (Favoriten), Österreich, 2011, pp. 136-139


Modern organizations are increasingly investing in Enterprise 2.0 platforms for internal and external information- and knowledge-provision as well as for driving innovation. A lot of scientific models and literature deal with critical success factors and provide strategies to succeed in such projects. However, the discussion on how these factors and strategies can effectively be put into practice for Enterprise 2.0 projects is in rather early stages. Within a 3-year R&D project the authors have created a participative, evolutionary design for Enterprise 2.0 projects, which is a necessity for the success of such projects and practically evaluated it in two Austrian mid-sized companies. The contribution of the paper is to explain and reflect the developed methodology based on the experience gathered in practice. With it, it provides elaborative insights into Enterprise 2.0 project management.