Ubiquitous Access to Learning Material in Engineering

Publikation, 2007


A. Auinger, C. Stary - Ubiquitous Access to Learning Material in Engineering - Proceedings of HCI International 2007; Springer Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Beijing, Österreich, 2007, pp. 481-490


Advances in mobile computing allow new ways of any-time and any-where, networked and dislocated knowledge transfer. Such new ways of instant learning access are especially required in the field of engineering, due to its increasing complexity and diversification of tasks, and the resulting skill profiles of engineers. Qualification support has been achieved by providing an integrated e-/m-learning solution in the ELIE project ( E- Learning In Engineering). It adapts didactically relevant content to both, the technical properties of multiple devices, and the situation of the learner. The structuring process for content is based on elicited experiences of coaches. In this way, it ensures high didactic value of learning material. Since this expert knowledge can be encoded into content directly, self-directed transfer processes can be triggered and managed effectively. The procedure for content development we propose enables coaches not only to follow the implementation of their knowledge in a transparent way, but also to reuse content, either as marked as didactic entities, redesigning them, or re-assigning didactic qualities to content. As technical enabler XML data structures have been developed for the encoding at the environment level. Both, in the web and the mobile learning setting, data are displayed sensitive to the user, the transfer situation, and the device at hand. In addition, users might link content elements to individually selected communication elements, such as entries in a discussion forum. The evaluation performed so far indicate several benefits for learners and coaches.