Inferring and Distributing Spatial Context

Publikation, 2007


C. Holzmann - Inferring and Distributing Spatial Context - Proceedings of the 2nd European Conference on Smart Sensing and Context (EuroSSC 2007), Kendal, Vereinigtes Königreich von Großbritannien und Nordirland, 2007, pp. 77-92


An increasing number of computationally enhanced objects is distributed around us in physical space, which are equipped – or at least can be provided – with sensors for measuring spatial contexts like position, direction and acceleration. We consider spatial relationships between them, which can basically be acquired by a pairwise comparison of their spatial contexts, as crucial information for a variety of applications. If such objects do have wireless communication capabilities, they will be able to build up an ad-hoc network and exchange their spatial contexts among each other. However, processing detailed sensor information and routing it through the network lowers their battery lifetime or even may exceed the capabilities of embedded systems with limited resources. Thus, we present a novel and efficient approach for inferring and distributing spatial contexts in multi-hop networks, which builds upon qualitative spatial representation and reasoning techniques. Simulation results show its behavior with respect to common network topologies.