Creating Knowledge through Design & Conceptual Innovation

Creating Knowledge through Design & Conceptual Innovation is a multilateral project, co-funded by the European Union. Building on the notion of design as a particular form of inquiry, the project aims to foster design ability and creative thinking among students and professionals of various disciplines, enabling them to generate innovation and knowledge. Design thereby is understood as an epistemic process that does not only result in new products or services but also provides insights into the situation to be changed.

The main objective of the project is to develop, test and disseminate pedagogical models that empower students to contribute to the development of innovative technologies, products and services and to trigger change in society and organizations. The project draws on recent approaches of design-based inquiry, design thinking as well as knowledge creation to build a comprehensive model of Design as Inquiry.

  • DI Doris Divotkey
  • Mag. Dr. Martina Gaisch
  • Dipl. Psych. Jeannette Hemmecke
  • Yuliia Shyshatska
  • Pia Anna Öllinger BA MA
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