Research field

Logistikum - Logistics and Business Networks

The Logistikum in Steyr is the research and education institution at FH OÖ in the field of “logistics and mobility” and is simultaneously the largest research and education unit for logistics in Austria. The high integration of research and education is the driver of an innovation cycle between research results and business requirements. The credo is accordingly to work not for but with companies in order to be one step ahead at the end of a project.
Close cooperation with experts from the University of Applied Sciences OÖ faculty, the JKU and RISC will enable a platform for integrated solutions to be provided.

Competence areas of the Logistikum

The focus is on the challenges addressed by research field or cross-site competence bundles.The research fields are ′Supply Chain Management′, ′Logistics Management′ (with logistics tools, logistics technology, trade & load mile) as well as “Mobility &Traffic Logistics.” In the last area of competence the emphasis is on synchronous modal mobility. In Upper Austria, mobility and logistics serves as one of the strategic pillars and is part of the strategic programme "Innovative Upper Austria 2020." In Austria, the Logistikum is an active element of the LRA (Logistics Research Austria), at European level, the European technology platform ALICE is actively involved.

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