Research field

Innovations and Technology Management

The focus of this interdisciplinary R & D theme, at the centre of which is the Research and Transfer Center "Systematic Product Innovation Tansfercenter", focuses on the further development and application of methods and tools for the performance improvement of the early phases of innovation. This focus is based on the fact that the activities at the "Front End of Innovation" have a central leverage effect on the success of an innovation project.

The sprint> competence spectrum maps central topics along the entire front-end process.  These are reflected in the following four areas where innovative methods and tools are developed:

Sprint> research: The competence spectrum ranges from the usable evaluation of product concepts by means of multivariate statistical methods, through the conception and execution of acceptance tests for product ideas and concepts to institutionalized trend monitoring in selected areas.

Sprint> lab: Supported by advanced creativity support tools in conjunction with modern infrastructure (such as "Multitouch Powerwall"), strategic workshops and ideas workshops are designed and implemented.Gib Text oder eine Webadresse ein oder lasse ein Dokument übersetzen.
Sprint> design: Bundled design know-how combined with advanced visualization methods enables the targeted design of "design-driven innovations".

Sprint> tec: This field of competence focuses on performance enhancement through rapid and virtual prototyping methods as well as the conception of innovation and technology commercialization processes.