Research field

Quality of Life for the Elderly

The aging of the european population represents a major social challenge. It is necessary to find innovative ways to guarantee elderly people a life in good quality, when they need suppport and care.

Research in the field of Aging Issues aims at the developement of new concepts for healthcare and social care services for the elderly. It focusses on technical solutions in the field of assistant technologies and ICT (especially e-health), systems for diagnosis, telemonitoring and prevention. There is also research with focus on the optimization of care systems, including the use of community resources.

Aging Issues is an interdisciplinary field of research, combining the scientific competences of the research centers in Linz and Hagenberg: socio-economic know-how in the areas of social and health care management, technical know-how in the field of medical technology and medical informatics. Basic research and application-oriented development complement each other.


Assistive Technology Lab

For the development of demand-oriented human-computer systems, special software engineering methods and tools are needed. The research group designs and develops adaptive and assistive systems, considering specific personal limitations (e.g. by age or disability) and requirements (e.g. in work life).


Integrated Care - e-Health

Modern healthcare systems require IT-support of integrated care (e-health) as well as the technical and semantic interoperability (Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise - IHE). In addition to the technical implementation this group is also researching health care processes and care management.