Research field

Further areas of competence (Steyr)

Support for core clinical processes 

The aim is to provide comprehensive services that ensure a seamless patient care process. This includes, among other things, inpatient care and interfaces of the hospital for primary and specialist care and / or rehabilitation. The focus of research activities is the risk-adjusted comparison (benchmarking) of clinical outcome, processes and costs. These data form the basis for standardization efforts in the context of process management. A platform of hospitals in Upper Austria (gespag, Klinikum Wels-Grieskirchen and the university hospital) are developing this research orientation together with the course of studies Process Management Health (PMG).
R & D activities focus on topics such as "reorganization of core clinical processes" and "integrated care" as well as "IT support in the health care system." A key success factor in this context is how Peter Drucker, with his familiar phrase "You can’t manage what you can’t measure ". To this end, PMG has developed the LeiVMed programme in the course of several practical and research projects as well as numerous international research activities.
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Global Business Management

Interdisciplinary collaboration in the fields of international sales management, business-to-business (B2B) marketing and intercultural management / global human resource management is being developed. This entails devising methods and concepts for analysis, planning and control of global business activities. The establishment of the “Cross-Cultural Management and Emerging Markets Centre” supports the focus of the fields of research.

Fields of research:

· International sales management: improvement of practices and behaviour as well as development of tools regarding international sales in the B2B sector, e.g. optimization of sales partner management, sales management, international sales and distribution networks

· B2B marketing: organizational buying behaviour, international buyer-seller networks, emotion and cognition in B2B relationships, global B2B marketing strategy and management, integrated B2B marketing communications, branding and brand management, cross-cultural marketing, B2B market analysis, measures and key performance indicators and forecasting

· Intercultural management / global human resource management: expatriate management, cross-cultural challenges in crossborder cooperation, diversity

· Skill-intensive services

Please find more information on the Cross-Cultural Management and Emerging Markets Centre here.