Research field

Automated Control Engineering and Simulation

This specialization aims to develop practice-oriented automation solutions for complex key technologies. Topics from the fields of automation of safety-critical or distributed real-time systems, as well as environmental and ecological tasks in power plants, buildings and production plants, but also other complex processes such as transport and logistics are handled. The modeling of mechatronic systems and the associated development of modern regulation and control strategies for industrial use are the central focus here. In addition to conventional programming, development is predominantly done using model-based (model-based design), it is verified in the simulation stage (virtual prototype) and implemented in the most diverse automation systems using automated, certified source code generators. Using discrete and continuous as well as multi-physical simulation techniques, mechatronic tasks are modeled, simulated and validated with measurements.

This is achieved using the latest equipment from the disciplines of electrical engineering, control and process control technology, drive technology, measuring and regulation technology and simulation.

Furthermore, methods of innovation management and virtual product development are being developed for the optimization of interdisciplinary development processes in companies.