Research field

Information and Communication Systems

Innovative information and communication systems for application in many different fields are researched and developed in Hagenberg. Smart environments and mobile enterprise systems integrate mobile communications, navigation, tracking and tracing and make it possible to develop applications for specific contexts. Embedded systems combine hardware and software to make state-of-the-art applications, including, for example, near field communication (NFC) technology, which makes wireless data transfer over short distances possible. Researchers also work on the development of IT-systems that are secure against malware and similar threats.


Embedded Systems 

Near Field Communication (NFC) as a contactless interface technology allows to easily communicating over short distances. In addition to activities in application, security, and testing also fundamental research is performed to increase the data rates for NFC. To accelerate the design process for the development of integrated circuits at very high frequencies - for example, in mobile radio - high frequency circuits are simulated on a computer in advance. In this case novel methods of approximation theory are used.


Mobile Radio Networks 

The requirements for wireless and mobile communication networks are very different in terms of performance for voice and data transmission. Therefore, the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria is working on the analysis and improvement of the capacity of individual systems and the coexistence of multiple systems in the same frequency band within a spatial neighbourhood.


Secure Information Systems 

In our interconnected and globalized society, the protection of know-how and resources plays an increasingly important role. Therefore, the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria conducts research in the areas of critical infrastructure protection, computer forensics, the improvement of cryptographic processes, the early recognition of malware and threats on the Internet, as well as risk management and building a secure enterprise organization.