Research field

Media and Knowledge Technologies

Our researchers in this field work intensively on the development of natural interactive environments for human beings and computers, communication and perception processes, augmented and mixed reality, visualization possibilities and the design of new media interfaces. Additionally, new learning and working environments as well as new didactic methods for tertiary education and organizational learning are realized.


Media Interaction Lab

The Media Interaction Lab is a research group for human-machine interfaces, applied computer graphics, and new interaction techniques (with interactive tables or walls). The laboratory is part of the Department of Digital Media, combining technical expertise with design expertise, starting from a basic understanding of the users and their problems. So, there are projects such as the meeting room of the future, the police operations center, the Active Office or a pressure sensitive film can be realized.


Knowledge Media & Engineering

The focus of this research group includes the design of learning and working environments for cooperative knowledge generation and communication, their implementation (in the form of social networks and collaborative and adaptive systems), and their introduction in the field of organizational learning. In addition, knowledge-based systems can be realized by Semantic Web technologies. Current projects deal with the support of thinking processes in design and development, as well as evaluation of educational models and (semantic) technologies to support the generation of knowledge in the design and development of frameworks for the systematic extraction, analysis, visualization and exploration of networked knowledge in an enterprise as a basis for knowledge management.

Playful Interactive Environments

Integrating research of interactive and time-based media at the interface between games and animation. Linking the competencies in the Department for Digital Media (MTD, DA, and IM). Identification and investigation of innovative fields of application and utilization of these disciplines in various fields such as economy, society, health, art and advertising.