Research field

Energy and the Environment

This R & D focus encompasses the combination of eco-energy and environmental technology topics in the research fields solar energy / hydrogen, building optimization / solar mobility as well as waste gas, waste air and wastewater treatment. All projects focus on the ethical handling of the world’s resources.
The projects range from basic research to the optimization of operations in application laboratories right through to company foundations. All stages of a production chain are covered e.g. from the optimization of the raw materials / biomass, fermentation conditions to the control of the end products. High-temperature (SOFC) fuel cells and the area of energy-efficient construction and building ecology are further research areas.

It is possible to rely on an excellent set of instruments with hydrogen, fuel cells, a thermal and photovoltaic laboratory, construction physics and climatic engineering laboratory, bio- and chemical laboratories, photocatalysis, biogas, sewage and environmental engineering and process engineering laboratory with complete analytics and equipment. The latest simulation tools and analytics can be used for R&D tasks  (impedance, FTIR, UV / vis, GC, GC MS, ICP HPLC, IC, infrared camera, blower door equipment, hotbox, etc.) on a pilot plants scale in waste air purification, dedusting as well as exhaust air purification for R & D tasks.

In addition to outdoor measuring stands, various solar simulators (up to 1.5 x 2.5 m2) are available for photovoltaic and solar thermal developments. A 17 kWp photovoltaic system with all currently available types of solar cells, solar recharging station and interlinking with electrolysis and fuel cell is also used in R & D projects.