Social Work Research Projects 2016


R. Hölzl - Social Work Research Projects 2016 in research of social work (Contributions to Book: Part/Chapter/Section 36), (Editors: R. Hölzl, F. Schiermayr) - edition pro mente, 2016, pp. 133-181


In the Voest Alpine, the "Stahlstiftung" model was established in 1987, which is now a tried and tested labor market policy instrument. Around 9,000 people have been taken care of since then, and about 90% of them were able to return to working life through the Foundation. How can the remaining around 10% of the participants be supported and accompanied within the foundation, which obviously can not cope with this change crisis and therefore can not reach the success of the foundation? It is necessary to check the existing offer and apply innovative solutions for particularly stressed Participant * inside. Methodically, the study was implemented using a triangulated approach consisting of an online questionnaire, group discussions and guide interviews. The collected data were analyzed using SPSS and qualitative content analysis. The results show that the Foundation's staff have high competences which prove to be particularly favorable both for the achievement of the foundation goal and the management of crises. The identification of particularly vulnerable members of the foundation is achieved, in particular, by the observation of crisis signals on the level of psychological functions and behavior. Necessary additional offers were seen in the area of ​​further psychosocial competence and subsequent consultation, as well as in the flexibilisation of structural features. It seems sensible to offer an intermediate offer, such as social work, which also supports participants in the processing of their additional burdens and crises. Operational social work could make available those offers that were found to be missing or not sufficiently accessible in the study.