Research unit

Research Center Hagenberg


Pioneering IT research in Hagenberg

Research and development at the FH Upper Austria Campus Hagenberg is dominated by computer science, communication and the media. 12 research groups (RG) are working on innovative solutions for the digital future in three major areas:

Information and Communication Systems

Media and Knowledge Technologies

Software Technology and Applications

The Research Groups are firmly anchored in national and international networks of universities, research institutions and companies. In this culture medium on the one hand centers of excellence as a comprehensive point of contact for companies, and on the other hand consortia for large EU projects develop successfully. This benefits not only the local economy but also the students who are directly involved in the research activities. In addition, the expansion of Hagenberg to a center for applied IT-research is promoted.

Interdisciplinary research and Collaborations

The advancing digitalization is changing society and industry. The research groups at FH Upper Austria Campus Hagenberg provide a wealth of creative approaches in the field of computer science in order to master the upcoming challenges and to develop inter- and transdisciplinary solutions together with other fields of science.

Through joint, cross-faculty efforts, three initial FFG Cooperation & Innovation projects were launched in 2016. The aim of the project USIVIS - "User Centered Interactive Visualization of Big Data" is a fundamental improvement of the decision support by designing new visualization and operating concepts for "Big Data", in the project HCW4i - "Human-Centered Workplace 4 Industry" universal methods and systems for the digital assistance of production staff at the workplace are designed, and the "Center for Applied Smart Grid Systems" develops realistic simulation environments for testing new energy systems.

In 2016 the new, cross-faculty TIMed Center - "Research Center for Technologocal Innovation in Medicine" was established, in order to bundle the existing strengths of FH OÖ faculties in Hagenberg, Linz, Wels and Steyr for the development of interdisciplinary solutions for technical questions in life sciences (medicine, bio-medicine, biology, biochemistry, molecular biology, biophysics and bioinformatics). Together with the faculties of Steyr and Wels, Hagenberg is also running the Institute for Smart Production to enable interdisciplinary research in the area of ​​industry 4.0.

International co-operations were also strengthened in 2016. For example, new microelectronic components for high-frequency applications are being developed in an FWF Joint Project with RWTH Aachen University. In cooperation with the JKU, the Faculty of Hagenberg offers the Joint International PhD Program in Informatics. Co-financed by the Upper Austrian government, four scholarships were awarded to international candidates with a master′s degree in computer science to promote the braingain to Upper Austria.