Research unit

TIMed Center - Center for Technological Innovation in Medicine (TIMed Center)


The Center of Excellence for Technological Innovation in Medicine (TIMed Center) bundles the strengths of the FH OÖ faculties in Hagenberg, Linz Wels and Steyr, to realize a new, internationally visible main hub in the Medical Valley Upper Austria in the form of an inter-faculty center for the development of interdisciplinary solutions to technical issues in the life sciences (medicine, biomedicine, biology, biochemistry, molecular biology, biophysics and and bioinformatics). In addition, the Timed Center forces a technology-centered and science-based academic education.

Interdisciplinary research fields

- Biomedical Data Analysis
- Biomedical Sensor Technology
- Biomimetic and Material Design
- High Resolution Imaging
- Medical Simulators and Simulation
- Substance Characterization

Center Director: DI(FH) Thomas Kern
Scientific Board: Dr. Martin Zauner (Chair), Dr. Stephan Winkler (Vice Chair), Dr. Julian Weghuber, Dr. Jaroslaw Jacak

The TIMed Center focuses on the development of technological innovations - in a first step - by the combination of biomedical analysis (bioinformatics), diagnostics (microscopy and laboratory analysis) and simulation (education and training systems). As a result of further expansion, the areas of virtual surgery, endo- and exo-prosthetics (intelligent prosthetics, biomechanics and motion analysis) as well as biomedical drugs and suitable, future research areas are to be integrated in the medium to long term... > more

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