Global Business Management

Interdisciplinary collaboration in the fields of international sales management, business-to-business (B2B) marketing and intercultural management / global human resource management is being developed. This entails devising methods and concepts for analysis, planning and control of global business activities. The establishment of the “Cross-Cultural Management and Emerging Markets Centre” supports the focus of the fields of research.

Fields of research:International sales management: improvement of practices and behaviour as well as development of tools regarding international sales in the B2B sector, e.g. optimization of sales partner management, sales management, international sales and distribution networks
B2B marketing: organizational buying behaviour, international buyer-seller networks, emotion and cognition in B2B relationships, global B2B marketing strategy and management, integrated B2B marketing communications, branding and brand management, cross-cultural marketing, B2B market analysis, measures and key performance indicators and forecasting
Intercultural management / global human resource management: expatriate management, cross-cultural challenges in crossborder cooperation, diversity
Skill-intensive services
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