Analysing Multiple Network Centralities wich ViNCent


B. Zimmer, I. Jusufi, A. Kerren - Analysing Multiple Network Centralities wich ViNCent - Proceedings of the SIGRAD 2012 Conference on Interactive Visual Analysis of Data, Växjö, Schweden, 2012, pp. 87-90


The analysis of multivariate networks is an important task in various application domains, such as social network analysis or biochemistry. In this paper, we address the interactive visual analysis of the results of centrality computations in context of networks. An important analytical aspect is to examine nodes according to specific centrality values and to compare them. We present a tool that combines exploratory data visualization with automatic analysis techniques, such as computing a variety of centrality values for network nodes as well as hierarchical clustering or node reordering based on centrality values. Automatic and interactive approaches are seamlessly integrated in one single tool which provides insight into the importance of an individual node or groups of nodes and allows quantifying the network structure.