A Framework for the Externalization of Tacit Knowledge Embedding Repertory Grids


J. Hemmecke, C. Stary - A Framework for the Externalization of Tacit Knowledge Embedding Repertory Grids - Proceedings of the Fifth European Conference on Organizational Knowledge, Learning, and Capabilities, Innsbruck, Österreich, 2004, pp. 26


Highly differentiated work procedures require stakeholders to share knowledge within and between communities. In the course of knowledge sharing, not only explicit knowledge has to be communicated, but also tacit knowledge. Tacit knowledge cannot be exchanged by traditional means, such as language. For externalization of tacit knowledge we currently face a lack of accurate method support. We introduce a conceptual framework (i.e. activity theory) and a procedural framework embedding repertory grids enabling contextual externalization. The procedure starts out with critical incident analyses based on activity theory elements. Processing the results from the initial step of the procedure the repertory grid technique can be applied for the context-sensitive identification of personal constructs. The elicited knowledge about work prac-tices allows for feedback at the individual and community level. The latter is also termed co-construction of knowledge and implements sharing of tacit knowledge within and between communities. Empirical evidence provided by two case studies reveals a high rate of acceptance as well as a high degree of effectiveness when sharing tacit knowledge in learning organizations.



  • Dipl. Psych. Jeannette Hemmecke